Flowers, Fashion & Rosat - 1/6/18

Posted by Freya Duignan on

A very special evening happened in store last Friday night at Saharan Daze! We launched our latest Featherhorn range in a catwalk, mixed in Berber Tribal Jewellery pieces and accessories to compliment the colourful prints ending with a black dress run and Mami Watta hand beaded intricate glass bead pieces from the Embera Chami Tribe of Columbia.
The catwalk was a dazzling cultural experience full of colour and global inspiration to set the wandering gypsy soul free. Wine maker Elizabeth Reed of Flor Marche launched her beautiful Rosat wine; and encouraged guests to bring a rose to place in the vine installation in the space where Flowers of Florence were launching their beautiful flower shop, enriched with king proteas, red roses, sunflowers, and succulent dream catchers!
The night was a stunning array of Roses, Rosat and Runway. Over a hundred delighted guests attended, food was served up by talented chef Claudio Biscotti which had everyone’s mouths watering, talented local musician Tilly Kelleher played sweet live world flavoured tunes, and everyone had a magical night.

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